Create tailored policyholder experiences

With a decade’s worth of experience in helping leading insurers, ipSCAPE’s software can help you improve your claims experience, manage risk, and build trust.

Streamline your claims experience, manage risk and build trust

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Create memorable customer service experiences

ipSCAPE is the first Australian cloud contact centre solution on Microsoft Azure, bringing unparalleled security and performance.  ipSCAPE can satisfies your compliance requirements and provide the tools for your employees to create memorable customer experiences.

85% of insurers use CX initiatives throughout the customer journey.”

ipSCAPE can help you: 

Build trust and improve policyholder experience

One method to improve the customer experience is personalisation. Personalisation can be used as a differentiator and act as a crucial component in building and maintaining a loyal customer base. 

ipSCAPE can help Insurers personalise their interactions with customers through integration with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics.  

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Manage risk and detect fraudulent claims

Prevent fraud through early detection using ipSCAPE’s Speech Analytics solution.

 ipSCAPE speech analytics captures customer, employee, transaction and interaction data and consolidates it for enhanced business intelligence. The system can analyse certain phrases to detect fraudulent behaviour.    

Streamline your claims experience

Provide status updates to your customer’s claims. Customers can call your business and receive progress updates through your IVR. ipSCAPE can help you create dynamic messages with options of Virtual Agent Voices that can complement your brand. 

Customers can also engage with your business and seek updates across other channels such as emails, and webchat 

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