Increase Sales

Reach more prospects, optimise the performance of your team and convert more sales

Improve Engagement, Increase Revenue

ipSCAPE provides the tools you need to efficiently connect with more prospective customers and to drive revenue growth including:

Plus innovative solutions we are building to propel your sales activities.

    Increase sales using ipSCAPE's outbound dialler
    Increase Sales

    Reach More Customers with Outbound Dialler

    Outbound dialler enables businesses to efficiently connect with customers.  Your sales teams are only connected to live calls, removing time wasted from dialling, calls diverted to voicemail or calls that go unanswered.

    Increase talk time with ipSCAPE’s dialler technology:

    • Progressive Dialler
    • Power Dialler
    • Auto-Preview Dialler
    • Predictive Dialler

    Maximise Your CRM Experience

    Are you getting the most out of your CRM? Increase productivity of your Sales team using the CTI Adaptor for CRMs (Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics  or SeviceNow) – powered by ipSCAPE.

    The CTI Adaptor for CRMs will enable calls and activities to be efficiently made within your CRM instance, creating a single screen experience for your team.

    • More productive salespeople
    • More relevant information in your CRM
    • More revenue for your business.
    ipSCAPE Salesforce CTI product

    Features to help you increase sales

    Sales is a numbers game. ipSCAPE can help you reach more contacts to increase sales opportunities

    Dialler Options

    Improve outbound contact rates and increase agent productivity utilising ipSCAPE’s numerous dialler options: Progressive, Auto-preview, Power and Predictive diallers. Answer machine detection is an inclusive feature. 

    List Weighting

    Maximise conversion rates by blending multiple calling lists and prioritising the weighting proportions. Boost sales opportunities by using several lists per campaign and multiple phone numbers per lead.


    Quality Assurance

    Meet Quality Assurance (QA) and compliance requirements. Inbuilt call recording functionality allows calls to be uniquely tagged and easily identified. Recordings are completed in full stereo to enable reliable transcription and analytics. 

    Dynamic Caller Line Identification (CLI)

    Increase call pick up rates using an outbound number that is visible to the receiver when a call is made. Numbers can be state, local or campaign based to suit individual campaign needs.

    Lead Management

    Gain visibility into lead quality and in turn, increase contact rates with effective lead management. 


    Generate sales efficiencies by creating multiple campaigns and scripts per campaign to maximise sales conversion opportunities

    Live Reports

    Gain insightful live contact centre reports enabling your managers to see live data such as number of calls made, who is on a call and call outcomes. 


    Improve team motivation with ready-to-use dashboards which can be projected directly on screens. 


    Meet sales campaign objectives and create consistent campaign messaging using scripts. Templates, preview, and design are some of the script functionality

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