ipSCAPE Vault

Maintain compliance and build customer trust

Securely store, manage and access call recordings with ipSCAPE Vault

ipSCAPE Vault is a storage solution that enables the easy collation and retrieval of call recordings, with management features to enable you to search, filter and organise items to achieve your compliance objectives.


Data is encrypted and securely hosted on

ipSCAPE Vault

Manage your compliance requirements

ipSCAPE Vault allows your organisation to meet compliance obligations with our secure and scalable call recording storage solution. Call recordings can be stored for as long as needed and are built on Azure Blob to support the scale, security, and availability needs of your organisation.

Leverage visual cues or ‘Bookmarks’ to quickly identify specific moments in a call. Quality Assurance can use these ‘Bookmarks’ to understand when specific policies or terms and conditions were communicated to a customer.

Simplify call recording management

The ipSCAPE Vault solution allows you to easily access all of your call recordings in one place, with an advanced search function enabling you to filter through to relevant data quickly.

Filter calls based on:

  • Agent Name
  • Interaction ID
  • Call duration
  • Call number
  • Wrap code
  • Terminated by
  • Recording ID



ipSCAPE Vault - call recording storage

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