Communication technology that helps vocational education providers  engage and retain students

Optimise your student experience and increase retention through cloud communication technology

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Communication technology for Vocational Education and Training providers

Vocational education and training will play an increasingly important role in the response to the global demand for high-quality and skilled workers. With the recent changes in employment patterns and the growth at which technology has been advancing, VET providers have a strong window of opportunity to transform the way they engage and retain their students to future-proof their institution. With more and more Australians looking to upskill and acquire practical skills, proactively engaging your students and creating positive student experiences through cloud technology will become the differentiating factor.

ipSCAPE provides vocational education and training providers with the tools to create exceptional student experiences with the communication channels of today and also the innovative technology of the future. 

More Australians are looking to upskill in 2022

A third of Australians are looking to upskill in response to the pandemic” (Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research)

Foster lifelong learning experiences with ipSCAPE

Proactively engage students through multichannel communications technology

Provide multi-channel student support

Interact with your students through their preferred communication channel (call, email, SMS or web chat) about new course offerings, course commencement dates, examination periods etc.

Reduce internal resource pressure through self-service

Callers can achieve self-service through an intelligent IVR that can provide details such as course commencement dates without having to speak with a staff member, ultimately reducing the pressure on your internal resources.

Effectively route your students

Use intelligent routing to effectively route your students through the IVR. Ensure your students experience is seamless by routing them to the most appropriate person to handle their queries.

Improve student engagement

Using Microsoft’s automation tools ipSCAPE can trigger SMS messaging at key moments to check student NPS and then prioritise those respondents with lower scores to the dialler so an agent can intervene.

Manage high call volumes

Implement the ‘Maintain Position in Queue’ feature in the IVR workflow to effectively manage your inbound call volumes. ‘Maintain Position in Queue’ gives callers the choice to request a callback but still keep their position in the queue after they have hung up the phone.


Understand areas for professional development

Integrate your CRM solution or SMS to leverage data in your student records to recommend certain courses (construction, administration, retail etc). ipSCAPE integrates with leading CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Service Now, and Zendesk to achieve a 360-degree view of your students, allowing your staff to personalise their interactions. 

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