ipSCAPE offers access to a library of APIs to facilitate connectivity with other applications and tools to optimise performance and productivity

Connectivity to any Application

ipSCAPE cloud contact centre software is capable of integrating with a range of APIs to connect with: 

Seamlessly integrate your contact centre with other applications

Increased Agent Productivity

Providing agents with key information quickly and easily, enables them to stay more focused on achieving customer service and sales levels. 

Create Timely Prompts

Events can trigger workflows, such as email confirmations automatically sent to your customer once a call centre call is wrapped.


Customer Centric

Use the APIs to update information to your CRM to improve customer experience and manage leads more effectively.



Customise the information that is displayed in the ipSCAPE contact centre dashboard to your agents.


Web hooks and Triggers facilitate information to be passed to and from ipSCAPE easily. 

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