CRM Integration

Integrate your contact centre solution into your CRM and get a single view of your customer

Single Customer View

Integrate ipSCAPE contact centre software with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to provide a single-customer view for interactions:

  • Create more personalised experiences
  • Provide your call centre agents with the most up-to-date customer information
  • Optimise your customer relationships
Get a single view of your customer
Integrate telephony with your CRM

Advanced JavaScript API Integration

Integrate the ipSCAPE CTI Adaptor within any CRM using our JavaScript API to enable:

  • Inbound and outbound voice calls
  • Click-to-dial phone numbers within your CRM
  • Identify an incoming phone number
  • Open an existing record when a customer calls
  • Add details of the call directly into the CRM

Improve Productivity

ipSCAPE contact centre software automatically updates the records in your CRM. Screen pop customer records for quick access to information. The following fields can be mapped between the CRM and ipSCAPE to update records seamlessly:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone number
  • Agent First + Last name
  • Call Direction (Inbound or Outbound
  • Wrap code
  • Result Code
  • Time in Queue
  • Link to recording
ipSCAPE Salesforce CTI product

Features to integrate your CRM with your contact centre

Create more personalised experiences and improve agent productivity with a single view of your customer.

Outbound Dialling

Reduce call centre agent’s manual errors and create efficiencies through dialling outbound, directly from within the CRM. This creates accurate customer records. 


Skills, Campaign Based Routing

Information from your integrated CRM routes callers to the most appropriate agent, based on their profile, preferences and previous experiences to improve service levels. 

Screen Pops

Reduce call handling times and improve agent productivity using screen pops. Calls are presented to the call centre agent in real-time. Information is fed from the CRM.

Intelligent IVR

Integrate your IVR with any CRM and use customer information and inputs from the IVR to route calls more effectively.


Faster Implementation

Standard CTI implementation can be deployed within days, not weeks. Your agents can concentrate on servicing customers. 


Link to Call Recording

Automatically record Call Outcome, Call Duration and Call Notes. Easily tag and locate Call Recordings in your CRM. 

Integrations available for

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