In this mobile world, customers connect with businesses using ipSCAPE’s call centre voice channel

Service customers effectively using ipSCAPE’s call centre Inbound Voice

Create flexible inbound campaigns with access to control features such as:

ipSCAPE’s cloud contact centre software provides a seamless experience leveraging Web Services. Callers are recognised and the call is automatically routed to the relevant team.

Inbound Voice Campaigns
Outbound Dialler

Reach more customers through
ipSCAPE’s contact centre Outbound Dialler

Improve contact rates to accelerate your sales activities with ipSCAPE’s Dialler Technology which includes a range of options including:

  • Predictive
  • Preview
  • Progressive
  • Power

Other available contact centre optimisation tools include:

Take control of the customer journey with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Build and optimise call workflows using the intuitive IVR builder.

Available in ipSCAPE Cloud Contact Centre Workspace, managers have all the tools needed to update and change workflows or campaigns in seconds.

Create self-service options using Virtual Agent Voice, which can serve information to customers 24/7 without the need for an agent.

IVR User Interface
Two professionals reviewing call centre sales performance using reports

Monitor your call centre’s performance with Live Reports and Wallboards

Whether your agents are working from the office or remotely, Live Reports help you monitor key metrics for your call centre team.

A range of customisable reports are available including:

  • Calls by type
  • IVR breakdown report
  • Calls by agent
  • Sales per hour

ipSCAPE – The Only Cloud Contact Centre Software You’ll Ever Need

Use the latest cloud technology innovations to connect with your customers and create exceptional customer experiences. Discover a better way to manage your call centre today with ipSCAPE.


Scale Inbound Capacity

Quickly scale your contact centre to meet spikes in call volumes. Allocate more agents, move customers to IVR self-service or access remote agents to meet increased demand.  


Call Recording

Meet your compliance, assurance and privacy requirements through campaign call recording. Recordings can be programmed to start automatically or on agent request, with the ability to assign recordings to individual customer records.

Queue Positioning

Create a better caller experience by allowing customers to request a call back, rather than staying on hold. Your customers won’t lose their position in the contact centre queue.

Dialler Options

Improve contact rates and increase agent productivity utilising Progressive, Preview, Power and Predictive diallers. Answer machine detection, dynamic dialler changes, dial ratios and dialler operating window are inclusive features.

List Weighting

Maximise your conversion rates by blending multiple calling lists and prioritising the weighting proportions. Boost sales opportunities using several lists per campaign and multiple phone numbers per lead.

Caller Line Identification

Increase your call centre’s call pick up rates using an outbound number that is visible to your prospects when a call is made. Numbers can be state, local or campaign based to suit individual campaign needs.

IVR CRM Integration

Create an Intelligent IVR by integrating customer information into your IVR workflows to create personalised customer experiences.

Intelligent IVR

Improve your user experience by integrating an IVR with a Web Services connector to create an intelligent IVR. The customer can receive information such as their ‘account balance’. 

Interactive Dashboards

Access all the information you require to successfully run your contact centre by combining all your data into a single dashboard.

Full Range of Reports

 Improve operational outcomes by implementing a range of real-time, customised reports. These include outbound, agent interaction and statistics, queues, dialler outcomes, list penetration and data analysis.

Customised IVR

Reduce your contact centre costs by driving more customers to self-serve. IVRs can be easily created and customised to increase self-service rates.

"ipSCAPE has been instrumental in our ability to create optimal customer experiences. They are not just a technology provider, but a strategic partner for growth.”

– Group IT Support Manager, Healius

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