Business Continuity

Continue serving your customers throughout any uncertainty with a true cloud contact centre experience that allows your agents to work from anywhere.

Bolster your Capabilities in Times of Uncertainty

ipSCAPE is a true cloud contact centre solution. In times of uncertainty, whether it is a global health crisis or any other emergency, cloud technology enables your call centre to quickly transition to a work from anywhere model and remain operational.

ipSCAPE dashboard showing the number of agents waiting for calls, online and handling calls
Keep your business running in times of uncertainty

Enable Work from Anywhere – Fast!

Being in the cloud has major advantages, including enabling a remote workforce quickly. We have helped businesses enact their recovery plans and move to a cloud contact centre and communication environment in less than 24 hours!

Protect your business and ensure continued operations in any circumstance with ipSCAPE’s quick and efficient operational deployment. The solution is scalable to meet growing demands.

Easy to use features to give you control

ipSCAPE has the features you need to take control of your business communications including:

IVR User Interface

Features to enable business continuity

Stop wasting time. Protect your business with ipSCAPE.

True Cloud Solution

Providing scalable and reliable contact centre technology for Customer Sales, Support and Service teams for over 15 years.

Work from Anywhere

The cloud operating model allows agents to be located anywhere that has a data connection.

Fast Implementation

ipSCAPE can help you get your cloud contact centre up in as little as 24 hours. Our team can provide support and training to get your team prepared and ready.

ipSCAPE helped a hospital to maintain business continuity throughout COVID-19 by enabling patients to get screened remotely. 

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