Play Announcement

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Play Announcement for Compliance 

Sales teams and Customer Service representatives can use the ‘Play Announcement’ feature in ipSCAPE to play a pre-recorded message to ensure terms and conditions or compliance notifications are presented accurately.

Call Recordings are tagged with a visual cue, enabling managers or QA to review calls to ensure this process was completed or to review a customer’s response.

Use the ‘Play Announcement’ feature for:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Call recording notifications
Customer service representative playing sound files for compliance

Features to improve compliance and customer experience

ipSCAPE has numerous tools to help manage compliance and improve customer experience journeys


Sound Files

Media such as sound files and music can be uploaded into ipSCAPE and included in workflows and for use with ‘Play Announcement’

Call Tagging

Calls are tagged with a visual ‘flag’ to show when a ‘Play Announcement’ was activated. Calls can also be manually tagged for efficient QA review


Text to Speech

Easily create sound files for your ‘Play Announcement’ with ipSCAPE’s Virtual Agent Voice. Choose from a selection of voices and languages to easily create a sound file

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