ipSCAPE Call Centre Software

ipSCAPE is an omnichannel cloud call centre solution that caters for your inbound and outbound communication needs. ipSCAPE can help your business personalise communications, serve customers through their preferred channel and create memorable customer experiences. 

    Powerful Australian call centre technology your team can access from anywhere

    Full-feature cloud call centre software that is designed to be intuitive. ipSCAPE helps you increase employee productivity and maximise sales conversion.


    A full multi-channel call centre technology solution that contains all the features you need. Intelligent IVR functionality to serve and route customers and AI-based dialler technology to increase sales


    Scalability and Performance

    Australian Call Centre software that scales with your business. Create new users easily, adjust campaigns for performance and access powerful live reports and wallboards

    Enable Remote Work

    ipSCAPE enables your Call Centre to work remotely. Agents just need an internet browser and a headset to make and receive calls

    “When customers experience exceptional service, 77% of them would recommend the company to a friend.”

    Create a single view of the customer and enable telephony with Salesforce integration

    Our call centre software can help:

    • Uncover strategic insights through data visualisation: Speech Analytics and a native call recording solution provides your organisation with the ability to detect the presence of certain language to signal various performance indicators such as agent quality and customer satisfaction.

    Uncover insights with speech analytics

    First Australian Call Centre Software built on Microsoft Azure

    ipSCAPE is a proud partner of:

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    Inbound and Outbound Solution For Your Call Centre

    An all-in-one cloud call centre solution to efficiently respond to customer queries, ensure compliance and create exceptional customer experiences.


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    Create exceptional customer service experiences in your Inbound call centre

    Ensure customer queries are handled by the most appropriate agent, creating a seamless customer experience. 

    ipSCAPE’s inbound call centre software can help your agents provide exceptional customer experiences through features such as: 

    • Intelligent IVR builderwith smart routing options and the ability to create self-service options to reduce costtoserve
    • Multi-channel communications tools – including Voice, Email, SMS and Web Chat to quickly respond to customer queries 
    • Integration with customer ticketing system solutions – such as ServiceNow and Zendesk  
      • Engage prospective customers through Outbound campaigns

        ipSCAPE offers a comprehensive outbound solution that enables businesses to create personalised experiences with their customers. Whether your Outbound call centre specialises in collections, fundraising or sales – ipSCAPE can support your business goals.  

         The ipSCAPE Outbound solution includes 

        • Leads management tool – that streamlines the process to upload lead lists
        • Personalised scripting – enabling agents to create tailored experiences 
        • ipSCAPE PAY – a PCI compliant payment solution 
        • Industry-leading Dialler Predictive, Preview, Progressive   
        •  CRM integration – with CTI adaptors to provide telephony for leading CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 
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      Our successful stories

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      Supporting the Growth of Australian Businesses

      Industry-leading Comparison site, Compare Club was able to reduce wait times from 30 seconds to 18 seconds using ipSCAPE’s predictive dialler capabilities, and achieve their most profitable month to date.

      “ipSCAPE is not just a technology provider, but are a true partner for Compare Club. What truly sets them apart from the rest of the competition is their local account management and support”

      – Brendan See, COO, Compare Club

      city skyline with lightning striking a high rise building

      Helping Australians stay connected through the unexpected

      During a severe weather event, thousands of Australians experienced a power outage.

      ipSCAPE’s IVR serviced 20,000 customers in one day, providing live information about expected resolution times based on customer postcodes.

      Call centre agent take phone calls at home

      Supporting Door-to-Door Fundraising during COVID-19

      Cornucopia Fundraising’s doorknocking team was able to ensure businesses continuity by seamlessly work from home during COVID-19. ipSCAPE helped Cornucopia move to a telefundraising model and continue to support and raise funds for their charities.

      “ipSCAPE was critical to our business during COVID-19, allowing us to quickly adapt to working from home. This allowed us to not just continue fundraising activities for our charity clients, but to grow our business and support more Charities.”

      – Ross Howe – Managing Director, Cornucopia

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      Creating efficiencies for the Financial Industry

      ipSCAPE’s call centre software helped one of Australia’s leading finance brokers, Savvy to streamline processes in their contact centres.

      “ipSCAPE has been integral in streamlining our operations. List filtering has reduced our number of campaigns from 48 to 6, simplifying our campaign management and record keeping.”

      – Bill Tsouvalas, Founder & CEO, Savvy

      Quick and easy onboarding experience

      We have experts who have years of experience to assist you onboard with ease. Our process consists of 6 stages as below.

      1. Contract

      Terms are outlined and agreed before a formal contract is issued to the client to sign. Once signed, introductions will be made to ipSCAPE team members who will work closely with the client to ensure success.

      2. Planning & Scoping

      A discovery session is conducted to scope requirements and answer any questions. The step ensures that client expectations and preferences are all documented

      3. Solution Design

      The technical team moves into a design phase that satisfies all discussed requirements in order to create a solution that the client is happy with. Documents outlining the solution design are shared with the client for signoff.

      4. Provisioning, Configuration & Support

      An ipSCAPE instance is created and configured according to the client’s design solution. The client is introduced to the client care team the designated Account Manager and the Helpdesk team.

      5. Training

      Training is tailored to the client’s desired outcome. Once a structure has been established, in-depth training is provided to the client by a team of experts to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to use ipSCAPE to its full capacity.

      6. Go live

      Our team will be present on the Go Live day to provide support for a smooth and successful implementation.

      Building trusted partnerships with our clients

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      Savvy grey logo

      "A simple to use tool that gives us the flexibility and tools we need to create amazing customer experiences."

      Operations Director APAC – Laithwaite’s Wine 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is cloud computing technology?

      Cloud computing technology is the delivery of computing services over the internet. These tools and applications can include data storage, networks, servers and software. Cloud computing offers flexibility and scalability to organisations. Organisations do not need to pay the upfront cost of owning and maintaining traditional IT infrastructure. Instead, they only pay for what they use. 

      What are the advantages of a Cloud Call Centre?

      Cloud Call Centres present many advantages for organisations.

      • Low upfront costs and flexible pay as you go OPEX model reduces capital expenditure and makes budgeting and financial planning easier. No need to rely on expensive hardware implementations to run a contact centre
      • The scalable solution enables organisations to meet demand during busy periods by scaling their contact centre up or down
      • Access the latest technology with up-to-date software updates and deployments
      • Call centres can now be rapidly deployed. It takes a matter of days, not months to implement new call centre technology
      • Ensure business continuity and provide peace of mind knowing the call centre can be managed from anywhere, as long as agents can access a headset and internet connection
      • Real-time reporting and control
      How does a remote working call centre operate?

      The number of people working remotely is increasing. This is true across most business functions, including call centres.

      Cloud is making it possible for organisations to operate call centres from anywhere. Minimal equipment is needed to serve customers. Agents require a reliable internet connection, access to a laptop or PC, and a phone or  headset so they can make and receive calls, or they can receive calls using direct routing within Microsoft Teams.

      Supervisors have visibility of all agent statuses, regardless of their location, in ipSCAPE live reports and can initiate silent monitoring, coaching sessions or join calls if required.

      Technology integrations such as CRMs, workforce management tools and business analytics provide additional tools to agents. Open APIs can create seamless interoperability with other applications (Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow).

      In combination, organisations can successfully run a call centre remotely, without it impacting on the customer experience.

      How does the ipSCAPE platform work?

      ipSCAPE is a true cloud-based customer experience platform that connects customers and organisations through voice, email, SMS and webchat.

      Utilising cloud technology, ipSCAPE makes operating a cloud centre anywhere possible. All tools required to provide a seamless customer experience are included within the contact centre platform. Standard features include:

      •  IVR
      • Call Recordings
      • Outbound Diallers
      • Email Integration
      • SMS Operations
      • In-depth Reporting
      • Maintain Position in Queue

      The contact centre can be scaled to meet capacity when call volumes spike, customers can be connected to the right agent and agents have access to the systems and information they need to provide a positive customer experience. 

      How do I get started with ipSCAPE?

      Contact the team at ipSCAPE on 1300 477 227 or visit https://www.ipscape.com/contact/ to find out how to improve your contact centre today. 

      How do I contact ipSCAPE support?

      ipSCAPE’s standard customer support hours are 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Support outside of these hours will be diverted to dedicated members of the ipSCAPE support team. 

      Call the team on 1300 477 227 to resolve your queries quickly. 

      How does Business Continuity work for a call centre?

      In times of uncertainty, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for your contact centre is a must. BCP ensures customer are abel to contact you when they need you. Whether it is a weather incident or a pandemic, it is important to have the right technology for business continuity.

      From a technology and personnel perspective, having the right BCP in place can ensure the resilience of the operations of your contact centre.

      Features to keep your contact centre running include:  

      • Emergency Response workflows for your IVR
      • Play Announcement features which can easily be changed within your IVR
      • Routing controls to suit your business needs, whether this is promoting self-service or routing customers to the most appropriate agent
      • Work from home opportunities across the business, including your customer service team
      • Reporting for monitoring and coaching
      • Continuity of internal business communications through direct routing with Microsoft Teams

      Would you like to know more about ipSCAPE?