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"ipSCAPE scales with our business – our usage is seasonal and ipSCAPE helps us provide service to our customers during peak periods through voice and digital channels such as web chat for live support. "

– Leon Dale, Operations Director APAC, Laithwaites

1. The Business

Laithwaites  serve over 48,000 customers around Australia, providing a direct cellar to door experience for enthusiasts to discover and enjoy a selection of handcrafted wines.

In 2006, as part of the global Laithwaite’s Wine Group, they were looking for a technology provider to help launch in Australia and New Zealand and needed a scalable, easy to use solution that removed reliance on IT support.

They needed a multichannel solution that would enable customer support and sales through phone, web chat and email.

The technology solution also needed to service multiple brands including:

  • Laithwaites Wine
  • Virgin Wines
  • Velocity Wine Store
  • The Australian Wine

2. The Challenge

Laithwaites had an inbound contact centre that was previously outsourced to a third party provider. As the demand for its products grew, Laithwaites decided to add outbound systems to its contact centre to understand the shortfalls of their business. They did this through a proactive customer outreach program to get the customers feedback on the products and the delivery. However, the outsourcing partner failed to meet the business expectations of Laithwaites.

3. The Solution

The company then decided to deploy a 50 seat cloud contact centre with minimal lead time that offered the option of scaling up and down to handle seasonal spikes in demand and provided the tools they needed to easily manage and control their campaigns.
They were looking for a technology provider to help launch in Australia and New Zealand and needed a scalable, easy to use solution that removed reliance on IT support.  After weighing different options, Laithwaites decided to adopt ipSCAPE’s cloud solution for its contact centre.

4. The Benefits

ipSCAPE’s hosting and support services enabled Laithwaites to address their critical requirements and increase its customer base rapidly. ipSCAPE deployed the solution in less than four weeks.

ipSCAPE’s robust and reliable cloud contact centre technology enables Laithwaites to manage seasonality in their business where customer engagements double during peak seasons. The cloud solution enables the supervisor to add and remove agents and also change the IVR script through a web self-service portal without help from the IT team. Additionally, significant savings were accrued as a result of the pay-as-you-go model with minimal set up costs.

ipSCAPE were able to cater to Laithwaites requirements through an affordable and scalable cloud based contact centre solution which has helped them achieve sales growth and improved customer service.

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