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Inform, acquire and retain students through innovative multichannel engagement tools and workflow builders

Cloud communication technology

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Cloud communication technology that helps you acquire more students 

Organisations are using training and development programs to ensure that they have the skill set to excel in their roles. With more and more Australians choosing online learning, it presents a unique opportunity for you to invest in communication technology that can help you proactively acquire students, encourage lifelong learning and maintain strong engagement with your learning cohorts. 

ipSCAPE can offer online learning providers the tools to acquire and retain students, while also delivering multichannel student support throughout their learning journey to ensure their experience is as seamless as possible.

Communication technology to support the growth of education providers with embracing online learning

93% of companies globally plan to adopt online learning” 

Create a seamless learning experience with ipSCAPE

Proactively acquire students and unlock their professional development potential

Proactively reach out to students

Engage new students and alumni proactively and offer short courses based on their learning history. Utilise the ipSCAPE dialler to efficiently call your students and provide further up-skilling opportunities.

ipSCAPE’s dialler technology allows you to reach more alumni especially for engagement and fundraising. 

Support your students through their preferred communication channel

Provide assistance to your students through their preferred communication channel (call, email, SMS or web chat) regarding their course queries. 

Improve the student experience 

Ensure your students experience is seamless by routing them to the most appropriate person to handle their queries. ipSCAPE’s multi-lingual IVR helps you communicate with your students in their native language. As a preferred partner of Microsoft, we can help you leverage Azure neural voices in multiple languages including English, Thai, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Malaysian.


Improve student engagement

The online learning experience can at times feel isolating. Using Microsoft’s automation tools, ipSCAPE can trigger SMS messaging at key moments to check student engagement. This allows student support officers to proactively check in with those who submitted lower scores utilising the ipSCAPE dialler. 

Young student calling student services

Identify professional development areas and sell courses

Integrate your CRM solution or SMS to leverage data in your student records to recommend certain courses. ipSCAPE integrates with leading CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Service Now, and Zendesk to help your staff to personalise their interactions and upsell additional courses. 


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