Complete your Salesforce Experience with ipSCAPE’s CTI Adaptor

Unlock Powerful Communication Capabilities

ipSCAPE’s CTI Adaptor combines leading cloud contact centre communication technology with the world’s leading CRM – Salesforce.

The Salesforce CTI Adaptor features:

Put your customer’s information at the centre of every call centre engagement, to create more personalised conversations and to better serve your customers.

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ipSCAPE is an official Salesforce Partner

Integrate your Salesforce with telephony capabilities through the CTI adaptor

Drive Sales Performance

Leverage the ipSCAPE call centre dialler through the Salesforce CTI Adaptor. This increases sales performance by:

  • Ensuring that your sales representatives are able to spend more time talking to customers, and less on administration
  • Increasing productivity using call centre features such as click-to-dial
  • Linking relevant information such as call recordings and call notes

Measure Performance

Achieve complete visibility on all calls with customisable data points captured and automatically updated in Salesforce against leads and contacts from each call.

Immediately access hundreds of pre-made reports in Salesforce to help optimise the performance of your contact centre team.

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The setup and enablement of the CTI connector for ipSCAPE into Salesforce is quite straight forward. The solution does take a few days to deploy, configure and tweak so it works properly, however it is a low risk implementation and works well once installed.

– Director of Customer Transformation – Global IT Services 

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Fast Implementation, 24/7 Support

Deployment is easy with the Salesforce integration complete within days. Customer support is available 24/7 and our team takes pride in working with our customers to ensure our technology continues to be a leader in the industry.

ipSCAPE’s CTI Adaptor for Salesforce is available for Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Make the most of Salesforce

Features that maximise your Salesforce instance to deliver exceptional contact centre customer experiences

Caller Identification

Search and open existing call centre customer records through field matching such as phone numbers or CLI.

Single Screen Agent Experience

ipSCAPE integrates directly into Salesforce. Improve the call centre agent experience with all tools located in one browser.


Screen Pops

Improve agent productivity using screen pops. Agents can easily configure customer information. Screen pops enables them to better manage every customer interaction.


Skills Based Routing

Improve customer experiences by routing callers to the most appropriate agent, based on their profile, preferences, and previous experiences. All this information is delivered via your Salesforce integration.

Intelligent IVR

Integrate your IVR with your Salesforce CRM and use customer information and actions from the IVR to route calls more effectively or personalise engagement points.


Link to Call Recording

Automatically log call centre call outcomes, duration and notes with call recordings easily accessible within Salesforce.

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