Call Recording

An essential tool for compliance and customer experience requirements.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Phone recordings are used to review customer interactions, improve satisfaction and agent performance.

Call recordings can easily be captured in your ipSCAPE instance with quality options including:

  • Mono 16 kbps
  • Stereo 64kbps -suitable for call transcription and speech analytics

Call recordings are readily accessible from the ipSCAPE workspace module or automatically linked to records in your CRM if you are using the ipSCAPE CTI Adaptor.

Individual call recordings can be downloaded by your supervisors in MP3. They can also be exported via an API. 

Improve Customer Service

Comprehensive Search Functionality

Once calls have concluded, call recordings are available within the ipSCAPE Workspace.

Individual call recordings can be easily searched by:

  • Agent
  • Date
  • Wrap code
  • Caller Number and more

Agents can also tag moments or add notes within a call, for example, when a customer accepts terms and conditions or agrees to a purchase.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Call recordings ensure you manage risk and compliance with regulatory obligations.

Call recordings can be paused if sensitive information is being captured, or at the request of the customer.

For organisations that frequently take payments, ipSCAPE also offers secure payment options through a PCI compliant payment solution.

Meet call centre compliance requirements

ipSCAPE Capabilities

The ipSCAPE platform provides you with all the features you need to run a world-class contact centre


Record all calls

Recording is available for all inbound and outbound calls. These can be configured for each campaign. Transferred calls are also recorded in their entirety, with the call hierarchy included

Integrate with CRM

Secure voice recording can be linked to customer records in the CRM, ensuring customer records maintain accuracy

Improve Agent Performance

Call recordings can be used to improve agent performance. Your Quality Assurance team can provide training and feedback, based on listening to the call recordings. 


Quality Assurance

Automated tagging allows you to easily retrieve and skip to the section of the recording for compliance. For example, confirmation of terms and conditions, or a specific policy. Your Supervisors and QA team only listen to the relevant section, not the entire call recording, creating time efficiencies.