Call Routing

Pick the best routing options to meet the needs of your customers and improve efficiencies within your contact centre.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Using Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, ipSCAPE automatically routes calls to agents based on predefined criteria. 

Routing calls to your most qualified agents helps resolve customer queries more quickly,  increases first call resolution rates and creates a better customer experience. 

Improve first call resolution through an effective call routing strategy that will create better customer experiences. 

Route calls to the most qualified agent and improve customer satisfaction
IVR User Interface

IVR Routing

ipSCAPE’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a powerful routing tool that promptly resolves customer queries either by an agent or through self-service.

The IVR can be integrated with any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Web Services Connector. This allows information to be passed to your agents and creates a more personalised caller experience.

Increase Agent Productivity

Productive agents create cost efficiencies within your contact centre.

Routing calls that are aligned to your agent’s skill sets enables them to resolve customer queries more quickly. This increases call handling volumes and improves contact centre productivity.

Allowing agents to access information and transaction history from your CRM creates more accurate and personalised customer interactions.

Match agents with the right skillset to the customer to resolve customer queries more quickly

Features to accurately route your calls

Improve first call resolution, satisfy customer requests quickly and accurately with ipSCAPE.


Smart Call Routing

Smart Call Routing improves customer experience by identifying frequent or important callers. They can be directed to the relevant team or agent to resolve their call. It works by combining call data, caller information and your customer database.

CRM Integration

ipSCAPE integrates with leading CRMs. Information such as caller and agent history can be included.  This information provides agents with tools to create a more personalised customer interaction.


Screen Pops

Screen pops display customer information to the agent the moment that they call. Screen pops reduce average handling time which creates significant contact centre costs savings.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables to gauge live agent interactions. Active monitoring, barge-in and whisper are standard features. Agents will gain skills and confidence to provide a consistent customer experience across the contact centre. 

Multi-channel Capabilities

ipSCAPE provides multi-channel communication options for your business through voice, SMS, web chat and email. Customers can choose their preferred communication channel.

Reporting & Wallboards

Live reports and wallboards provide valuable insights into call routing levels, customer service quality and agent response times. 

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