Contact Centre Quality Assurance Software

Ensure compliance and improve the performance of your contact centre

Improve Contact Centre Customer Interactions

ipSCAPE’s native Quality Assurance module allows you to create QA questionnaires and evaluate and score call centre voice interactions. Quality Assurance (QA) features are used for evaluation of customer interactions, monitoring agent performance and improving customer service.

Measure the overall performance of your call centre agents with features such as:

  • Questions and scoresheets
  • Allocation of Voice interactions for review
  • Evaluation options – based on campaign, wrap code or call centre agent
  • Ability to export reports to provide individual staff evaluations

Example of ipSCAPE Quality Assurance scorecard
Quality Assurance scorecard that contains the evaluation criteria and has decorative shapes surrounding it for visual appeal

Improve Call Centre Agent Performance

More engaged call centre agents create better customer interactions. ipSCAPE’s Quality Assurance solution ensures your agents can be monitored and tested on important contact centre metrics with results directed back into your call centre operations. 

ipSCAPE provides simple and powerful ways to improve call centre agent performance. 

Measure Loyalty Using Call Surveys

Net Promotor Score (NPS) is a metric used in customer experience programs to measure loyalty and propensity to recommend a business.

Create post-call surveys to capture call centre customer feedback which can be initiated automatically at the end of a call or from an agent transfer. For an NPS survey the caller is requested to submit their rating through the dial-pad (using DTMF tones) and the results can be accessed through a report.

Calls that receive an unsatisfactory rating can be immediately routed to a supervisor or the customer can be directed to leave a voicemail message.

Each post call survey is linked to the relevant call recording interaction ID, the caller CLI and the name of the call centre agent who handled the call.


ipSCAPE Capabilities

The ipSCAPE contact centre software platform provides you with all the features you need to manage your quality assurance requirements.

Comprehensive Training

In-depth supervisor and agent training of the ipSCAPE platform ensures QA can be successfully performed used throughout your contact centre. 

Quality Assurance Questions and Scoring

Easily assign call recordings to an assigned Quality Assurance agent. They can review and score call recordings accordingly. 


Customisable Configuration Settings

QA display settings allow you to configure the information that the QA agent can see. 


Review Call Recordings

Call Centre calls can be recorded on all inbound and outbound campaigns. Easily search for, and review assigned call recordings with relevant scores.  

Live Monitoring, Coaching & Barge-in

Improve call centre agent performance with live monitoring. Supervisors can listen to calls in progress, only coach the agent or join the call to speak with both customer and agent.

Full Suite of Reports

ipSCAPE’s full range of contact centre reports include agent interactions with customers, agent action reports and QA assessment results. These can be conveniently exported with relevant insights into improving the outcomes of your call centre.

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