Technology to Power Help Desk Support

Provide your technical support team with powerful communication tools to improve the quality of service to customers

Offer Customers Multi-Channel Support 

Provide your Help Desk employees with a full suite of multi-channel communication capabilities. ipSCAPE provides Help Desk and Technical support staff with tools to service customers through the phone, web chat, email or SMS.

ipSCAPE Workspace - bringing your contact centre together
Optimise your technical support with Salesforce integration

Integration With Leading CRMs

Solve your customer’s technical support needs by integrating ipSCAPE into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

  • ipSCAPE can be incorporated into any CRM using open Javascript APIs
  • Through our partnerships with leading Technology companies,  pre-built CRM integrations are available through our CTI Adaptors for Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics and ServiceNow.   

Features to help you provide exceptional technical support

Satisfy your technical support requests with ipSCAPE. 

Real-time Dashboards

Real-time management dashboards enable you to track technical support campaign levels instantly and adapt as needed. 


Scale Inbound Capacity Quickly

Quickly scale your technical support team when inbound calls spike by allocating more contact centre agents. Alternatively, customers can self-serve through your IVR. 

Specialised Business Intelligence

Make business decisions faster by integrating your Business Intelligence analytics tools with customer facing applications.

Improve Service Levels

Create consistent technical support service levels through using scripting. Pre-configured templates and an advanced agent scripting engine are available. 

Promote Self-Service

Customers can choose to receive technical support using a self-service IVR. Customers can request a call back, eliminating long queue waiting times. 

Live Monitoring and Coaching

Improve technical support levels through live agent coaching. Your supervisors can listen to agent calls. Agents can either be coached or supervisors can join the call.  

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