Call Centre Analytics & Reporting

Receive advanced call centre analytics and business intelligence software and make better business decisions, faster.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor the performance of your contact centre team using ipSCAPE’s real-time reporting. 

Call centre reports include detailed workflow reports, breakdown reports, calls by time, calls by queue, by agent and sales volumes per hour.  

Pre-built reporting templates are available for immediate reporting capability. 

Receive wrap reports by campaign type
ipSCAPE reporting insights

The Power of Analytics

Business Intelligence is important in any contact centre.

ipSCAPE integrates with leading analytics software to provide you with advanced reporting capability. You will receive greater value and insights from your contact centre data.

The analytics software has been added to ipSCAPE’s reporting module. Your data can be visualised and analysed more quickly and intuitively.

ipSCAPE’s live call centre reports can be exported to external Business Intelligence analytics applications, preventing disaggregated data.

Features to help you make business decisions faster

Advanced call centre analytics capabilities. Get better insights into your call centre with ipSCAPE.


Customised Reports

Sophisticated capabilities provide you with fully customisable and unlimited call centre reports and dashboards. 


Speech Analytics

Gain incredible insights into your customer conversations. The results can be used to optimise call centre processes and improve agent performance. Share real-time data externally through ipSCAPE’s wallboard URLs. 


Single Source of Truth

By integrating your Business Intelligence analytics tools with customer facing applications, you will gain deeper insights and get full access to your call centre customer interactions. 

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