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Learning for now, and learning for life 

It is expected that with longer life expectancies, the population will also remain in the workforce longer. Workers are now investing in lifelong learning. to acquire the necessary skills to maintain their career or even re-train to pursue a new career path.

Universities can provide lifelong learning experiences and ensure that they are retaining students by creating exceptional student experiences. This is a great opportunity for universities to invest in their communication technology and achieve long-term success. ipSCAPE can help you provide personalised communications through multi-channel technology, along with the tools to create exceptional student experiences.

Communication technology that enhances your students experience so they continue to choose you throughout their learning journey. 

Supporting the lifelong learning journey

International student numbers are at a peak

“Over the past ten years, international education in Australia had grown by 151% to the highest level on record.” (Growth Mantra, Australia Nov 21) 

Good student experiences increase revenue

An increase in investment of the student experience of just 8% resulted in tens of millions in increased revenue(Growth Mantra 2022) 

Communication technology for enhanced student experiences

Increase student retention and course completion

Build loyalty by creating a strong line of communication with your students through multiple touchpoints such as Voice, Email, SMS, and Web chat. ipSCAPE can help you gather student feedback through these channels to measure engagement. 

Support your international students

Create a seamless learning journey for your international students. Communicate with your students in their native language through ipSCAPE’s multi-lingual IVR. As a prefered partner of Microsoft, we can help you leverage Azure neural voices in multiple languages including English, Thai, Italian, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Malaysian.

Students who failed subjects didn’t make use of support services

“Only 40% made use of institutional support services and course advisers. Many indicated shame interfered with them looking for help

Students who failed subjects needed proactive support

… reach out to students at the point of failure – preferably through direct contact but at least by email and phone – with sensitivity and humanity.”

Identify at-risk students and increase engagement

Early detection of students at-risk of failure and dropping out is an important aspect of improving retention. ipSCAPE’s advanced speech analytics solution can help educational institutions to detect emotion, and sentiment and delve deeper into student trends. 

Be proactive in addressing disengaged students through an emotion score that factors in feelings of uneasiness, stress and engagement. 

Encourage life-long learning experiences

With more students investing in their learning journey, universities need to proactively reach out and engage their alumni. Leverage multi-channel communications such as email to promote postgraduate courses and ensure they fulfil their CPD obligations.


Create exceptional student experiences

Universities can gain a competitive advantage through the student experience and by fostering engagement. Integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) system or Student Management Systems (SMS) with ipSCAPE to achieve a single view of your students and personalise your interactions accordingly.

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