Case Study


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"When severe storms hit we experienced a code red with 60,000 homes without power. Our ipSCAPE IVR took over 20,000 calls without a hiccup.” Manager Customer Operations

1. The Business

A major utilities provider kicked off an initiative to digitise communications and improve customer experience. A key part of this program was to create a robust Outage Management system, where in the case of a severe weather incident, communications could be served at scale.

2. The Challenge

The client needed to create a resilient solution that could service communications at scale without the need for staff, as during a weather incident it would be difficult to sustain the service levels required. Capacity to deal with possible queues of hundreds of customers also needed to be taken into consideration to ensure their lines were never ‘busy’. The client also required a system that was easy to use and manage so information and workflows could be updated easily.


3. The Solution

ipSCAPE was selected to create a customer self-service platform, which enabled customers to call, enter their postcode and receive real-time information about the status of services and expected resolution times. 

Capacity was created for the client to ensure high volumes of calls would be served without the need for an agent.  The client is able to update their workflows and messages easily using the ipSCAPE workspace which has a visual IVR builder and the ability to store numerous sound files and recordings. 

The solution has proven to be robust and scalable with numerous weather incidents testing the system including in 2019 when severe storms resulted in over 60,000 homes being without power. The ipSCAPE IVR served over 20,000 customers in one day, providing timely and relevant information about services and resolution times.

This utilities provider has been an ipSCAPE customer for over 8 years and continues to rely on ipSCAPE to improve its customer experience through initiatives such as a Voice of Customer (VOC) program and enhancing automation through Virtual Agent Voice.

4. The Benefits

Reduced costs

ipSCAPE’s solution was more cost effective than competitive solutions. The client was able to reduce cost to serve.

Customer Self-Service

The abilities to service customers through an Intelligent IVR – without the need for agents ensures response times are faster and available 24/7

Local Expertise and Support

The ipSCAPE regularly works with the client to identify further opportunities for improvements. ipSCAPE’s local support and development team has been able to respond quickly to the client’s need.

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