Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Social media and how best to use it

Posted: 22 April 2020

Social media has become one of the most influential marketing strategies for businesses in recent years. Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE provides insights into the best uses for social media. 

Social media enables businesses to connect with their customers. With many organisations adopting different platforms, it is imperative to understand why you are using specific platforms and how they can be used effectively.

At ipSCAPE, we primarily utilise LinkedIn.

As a cloud customer experience technology solution in a B2B market, we find that our audience – CEOs and Leaders in technology and Customer Experience are primarily using LinkedIn over other social media channels when it comes to starting conversations about cloud business communications.

Tips when utilising LinkedIn:

1. Engaging posts: Create meaningful content that will resonate with customers and share them from your personal account or company page. You can tag businesses and individuals or use hashtags to increase awareness to broader networks.

2. Comment on trending posts: LinkedIn notifies you of topics that are trending that may be of interest to your business. This is as an opportunity to increase awareness and offer your expertise as you participate in the conversation.

3. Reporting: Sales Navigator provides businesses with statistics on who is engaging with your business. You have access to information such as engagement rates, page views and follower metrics and demographics. We use these statistics to guide future posts.

4. Share news: Interesting news articles that your company has participated in make for relevant and timely content – such as sharing an article from Dynamic Business!

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