Leverage AI to better understand your customer conversations

Posted: 24 February 2022

Innovation and technological improvements are advancing the customer experience ecosystem with contact centres and support centres looking for opportunities to improve operational processes and create efficiencies. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and business intelligence tools have each been significant drivers of innovation for contact centres.

ipSCAPE is an Australian Cloud Contact Centre solution that has helped leading organisations embrace AI to drive business performance and gain insights into business operations. Speech Analytics, in particular, has provided visibility into customer conversations in an efficient manner, leveraging stereo call recordings to understand what conversations are occurring and identifying topic themes, emotional cues, and opportunities for training.

Speech analytics consolidates and analyses customer and employee interactions for enhanced business intelligence. Speech analytics used in conjunction with a PCI Payment solution provides a comprehensive compliance environment for contact centres.

Organisations can leverage Speech Analytics to:

  • Achieve 100% compliance & Quality Assurance – AI-enabled compliance and QA for customer and employee performance. BPOs who work with ipSCAPE have been able to provide outstanding transparency into their operations for their clients through speech analytics, easily demonstrating compliance and alignment with branding guidelines.
  • Organise customer conversations through topic & sentiment indexing – AI actionable insights derived from customer and agent sentiment.
  • Predictive Insights – Optimise customer service and reduce costs using data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

ipSCAPE has worked with clients to help them implement Speech Analytics into their organisation and help them:

  • Reduce costs – Automate Quality Assurance to achieve 100% monitoring of calls
  • Improve training capabilities – Review interactions with agents and learn from real-life experiences
  • Unlock CX insight – Improve customer experience by tracking trends across interactions

Find out how ipSCAPE can help your business understand and trial Speech Analytics for your contact centre.

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