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Contact centres have the opportunity to leverage Advanced AI speech analytics to turn customer conversations into revenue growth,  achieve cost savings through automation while  creating better customer experiences. ipSCAPE  is inviting you to seize this AI opportunity to give your organisation a distinct competitive advantage.

Embrace the AI revolution through Advanced AI Speech Analytics

ipSCAPE is offering you an opportunity to test the promise and power of Advanced AI Speech Analytics through a special 6-week sprint.


“[Speech analytics delivers]…cost savings of between 20-30%, customer-satisfaction-score improvements of 10% or more, and stronger sales. ​

Companies that fail to leverage this information risk falling behind their peers as speech analysis becomes a fundamental expectation across contact centre”

– ​McKinsey & Co – The Value of the Human Voice 2021 

What could you discover from Advanced AI Speech Analytics?


Customer Intent, emotion, and sentiment analysis

  • Why are customers calling? Uncover Automation Opportunities
  • Discover training and coaching opportunities around  products and services

30% Revenue Growth and improved Product Development

  • Identify missed Sales Opportunities
  • Enhance product offerings to meet customer requirements

Fraud Detection


  • Determine the likelihood of ‘fraud’ during a claim lodgement call
  • Train a learning module to detect the risk of fraud
  • Uplift a fraud risk prediction engine by 8%
Award Speech Analytics

The average 50 seat contact centre generates 100 million word conversations each month


How we have helped clients leverage Speech Analytics

Uncover Automation Opportunities

  • Achieve a 360 degree view of the conversation and understand why customers are contacting your organisation using Sentiment engines
  • Identify automation opportunities to deflect less complex queries so your agents can concentrate on more complex tasks
  • Client saved over 1,000 hours per month by providing targeted training and coaching

Finance industry contact centre efficiencies.

Achieve 30% Revenue Growth

  • Identify missed Sales opportunities by understanding what customers are mentioning as challenges
  • Fill gaps in your product offerings by understanding what customers are asking for
  • Analyse conversations and highlight product mentions, ranking them in order to understand product prioritisation 

Provide consistent service to customers through a reliable and secure contact centre technology solution

Fraud Detection – Predictive Insight Modelling

  • Analyse customer and agent conversations to understand the likelihood of ‘fraud’
  • AutoInsights supervised learning module enhances and operationalises a ‘Fraud Risk Engine’ customised for your organisation
  • Achieve an uplift in your Fraud Risk Prediction engine by 8%

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Discover how your organisation can benefit from Speech Analytics through our proven use cases:

  • Customer Intent / Call Driver Analysis – Why are customers calling?
  • Repeat Calls root cause analysis- First call-resolution. Why are customers calling back?
  • Growth Opportunities – What are customers enquiring about that we don’t currently satisfy?
  • Employee Attrition and Engagement  – Emotion Health Assessment, Unfair dismissal analysis
  • Customer Churn Risk – Sales Cancel From Inception (CFI) prediction model
  • Issue Resolution – Reason for unresolved calls
  • Customer Experience – CSAT and NPS
  • Compliance – Identify “expressions of dissatisfaction”
  • Risk Assessment – Adherence to mandatory phrases

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