100 Seat Call Centre Operational in Two Hours

Posted: 25 March 2010

Teleconnexions, a 100 seat direct response TV call centre, was operational in new premises yesterday just two hours after power was inadvertently cut-off at the previous office. As an outsourced contact centre receiving inbound calls from television campaigns, the power disruption could have been disastrous for both Teleconnexions and their clients.


“It was chaos but thanks to our ipSCAPE technology platform and quick-witted staff we were up and running in our new Chippendale office in two hours,” said Michael Pitt, Managing Director at Teleconnexions.


“We were relocating office to Chippendale at the end of the week, except someone at the power company must have got the dates wrong and we were in darkness three days before the scheduled departure,” he said.


The ipSCAPE contact centre technology is a hosted system so with a single notification all inbound calls were immediately diverted to voicemail while staff and computer equipment made their way to the new office. Inbound calls were reconnected to the agents just 120 minutes later.


“The two hour time delay was more a factor of packing boxes, loading computers and screens into the car boot, ferrying staff to the new centre and setting up at the other end rather than anything to do with the ipSCAPE technology,” stated Pitt.


ipSCAPE call centre technology is hosted or cloud-based and combines call centre software and telco into a single service that can be accessed anywhere. For inbound and outbound contact centres ipSCAPE provides all the advanced functionality required for a modern contact centre without the hassle and time delays associated with in-house infrastructure.


“With unpredictable events like storms, power outages, and accidents impacting businesses every day, our cloud-based model provides a super-adaptable solution to help call centres overcome these hurdles and get back to business quickly,” said ipSCAPE Chief Executive Officer, Simon Burke.


ipSCAPE’s contact centre solutions are used by clients such as BT, Teleperformance, Thomson Reuters, SP AusNet, Delfin Lend Lease and Northern Territory Government.