4 Ways Integrating your CRM within your Contact Centre can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Posted: 10 September 2018

As a business leader, you understand the importance that satisfied customers are to your business. Satisfied customers will not only spend more, they will purchase more often, will generate positive word-of-mouth and referral sales, and will have a decreased barrier to purchasing. Additionally, there are internal benefits of happy and engaged employees.

What methods can you use to improve customer satisfaction within your call centre operations? Follow our 4 tips to improve revenue within your business:

1. Deliver personalised interactions

By integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with your cloud contact centre, you can deliver a more personalised service by instantly knowing who is calling, their past caller history and other pertinent information to create a more personalised interaction.

Callers can be routed to the most appropriate agent based on their profile and previous caller activity.

2. Omni-channel approach

The rise of social media and digital channels has led to a move away from straight phone calls for call centres. Todays contact centres can handle multiple channels such as phone, emails, social media, SMS and webchat – the customer’s channel of choice. Integration of CRMs enable customer service representatives to view the channel which the customer has contacted the organisation and potentially interact with them via that channel, if it is their preferred method.

3. Create a more efficient way of communicating

Screen pops display information to the agent about the person calling, in real-time. On average, call centres who utilise screen pops, experience a reduction in their Average Handling Time (AHT) of 5 – 30 seconds. This creates significant costs savings for the contact centre.

4. Single source of customer data

All interactions can be tracked and recorded in the CRM if it is properly integrated. The customer journey, links to call recordings (call outcomes, call duration, call notes) can all be inputted into the CRM. This implementation provides a single source of truth for customer data and closes the loop on the customer journey

ipSCAPE can integrate with almost any cloud CRM like SalesForce, ZenDesk and ServiceNow.

For more information about how to increase customer satisfaction within your business, contact ipSCAPE.