Drive Efficiencies Across Your Contact Centre Operations By Creating Smart Wrap Codes Or Dispositions

Posted: 23 June 2023

Businesses are constantly balancing how to deliver fast yet personalised customer experiences while maintaining productivity targets.  Whether your business uses contact centre technology to seamlessly manage customer enquiries or leverages powerful outbound diallers to engage with customers proactively, there are many ways to improve the performance of your contact centre operations.

This blog explores the three smart wrap codes or dispositions enabling your business to drive efficiencies across your contact centre operations.

How can your business drive efficiencies throughout your contact centre operations?

ipSCAPE’s feature-rich cloud contact centre solution can support your business to drive efficiency by selecting a single wrap code. A wrap code (also called a ‘disposition code’) allows managers to understand the outcome of a call. Agents must choose a wrap code based upon the result of the call, such as if the call led to a ‘Sale,’ ‘Contact,’ or went to an ‘Answering Machine.’

Managers can then gain visibility of their call centre performance by looking at the call outcomes through an extensive suite of live and historic reports within ipSCAPE’s Live Reports and Wallboards module.

Wrap codes can also be configured to trigger actions, such as scheduling a callback or sending an email or an SMS.

Selecting one of the following wrap codes can help drive efficiencies across your contact centre operations:

  1. Email On Wrap:

Imagine your organisation sells electronic devices, including computers, printers and TVs. One of your Sales agents has just finished having a successful conversation over the phone with an existing customer to upgrade their current computer device to the latest model. The agent needs to send a follow-up email that includes a brochure that details the benefits of using the latest computer model. This requires the agent to open their email inbox, search through their files to locate the correct brochure and type a message to send within the email. This process took the agent 15 minutes to complete, and when the customer receives the email, their decision could change due to the amount of time that passes, resulting in the decision not to upgrade their computer.

Was there a way for the agent to deliver a faster and better customer experience? Yes – by selecting the wrap code, ‘Email On Wrap.’

Using ipSCAPE’s contact centre solution, managers can access the email module to design an email template that includes a subject line, text within the body, an attachment and tokens for personalisation.

In doing so, managers can prepare an email template for their agents to use for customer communications. This wrap code can be applied to any inbound or outbound voice campaign, allowing agents to select this wrap code to trigger an email to be sent to improve the efficiencies of your agents.

  1. Call Back Agent:

When making outbound calls, agents may encounter customers willing to chat but with a preferred time and date.

Imagine a Sales agent has spoken to several customers throughout the day who have all requested a call back – each with unique times and dates. Instead of managing this manually, an agent can use automation to trigger callbacks through the dialler.

The ‘Callback-Agent’ wrap code opens a widget to choose a date and time for the call back. As a result, the customer’s record will automatically pop in the agent’s dialler according to the selected time and date. In doing so, the wrap code ‘Call Back-Agent’ improves agent productivity and ensures the customer’s expectations are met, which supports delivering a positive customer experience.

  1. Call Back Queue:

It is coming toward the end of a customer service agent’s shift, and they answer an incoming phone call from a customer asking for a quote to renew their car insurance policy. The agent is responsible for verifying the customer’s identity by carrying out ID validation checks; however, the customer has misplaced their driver’s license. The customer asks the agent to receive a call back in an hour to finalise their renewal, hoping they have found their ID. As the agent is finishing their shift, they cannot call the customer back when requested, so they verbally ask their colleague to call the customer in an hour.

However, as time passed, the agent became busy speaking with other customers and forgot to make a manual call to the customer wishing to renew their policy. This has led to a poor customer experience as the customer’s expectations were unmet, impacting satisfaction levels.

How can your organisation ensure customers receive a call back when requested? Select the wrap code, ‘Call Back Queue.’

The ‘Call Back Queue’ wrap code prompts the agent to choose a time and date for the record’s next dialled. The record is then placed in the queue and will automatically pop for an available agent when the time and date selected occurs. This wrap code can help streamline customer service processes, improving efficiency.

Overall, selecting any of these three wrap codes can help your organisation to drive efficiencies across your contact centre operations, which can assist in improving customer experiences and boosting satisfaction levels.

If you’d like to discover how ipSCAPE’s advanced contact centre solution can help drive efficiencies across your contact centre operations, get in touch to find out how ipSCAPE’s award-winning software can help you maximise every sales opportunity and deliver seamless customer experiences. 

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