Posted: 7 September 2011

Rust Report: Australasian ICT News and Views – V2.0, Issue #37

Please give us a brief overview of the company?

“ipSCAPE is a leader in next-generation customer service. The ipSCAPE solution is helping global businesses drive customer service excellence through real-time, multi-channel customer communication. Many traditional multichannel solutions work as silos – an approach that prevents a real-time customer view. In contrast, ipSCAPE’s cloud technology enables real-time customer conversation across multiple channels. So a customer can be in a web chat session with a sales agent, with a real-time link to the cloud CRM and in parallel process a payment for a new policy or product on their smartphone using the ipSCAPE Agile Messaging Service”

What are the core messages from the company?

“Customer led innovation is the core driver for everyone at ipSCAPE. The promise of true multi-channel customer service has been discussed for years but has never been a reality. ipSCAPE believes the collective power of today’s consumer and their ability to swap providers in minutes will drive a fundamental shift in market adoption of real time multichannel customer service over the next 1-3 years. The ipSCAPE cloud technology model can help businesses experiment with new real-time, multi-channel contact solutions – with minimal financial commitment and risk. Something that is not possible with traditional technology solutions. Evidence of this focus on customer led innovation can be seen in our new multi-channel messaging solution, Agile Messaging Service (AMS), the new SmartCall solution and the new smartphone and tablet real-time reporting applications”

What is the strength of the company?

“ipSCAPE’s technology is 100% proprietary with no 3rd party applications bolted-on. This delivers significant cost benefits to customers and ensures that clients have a single integrated solution with one point of contact for all support queries. The solution delivers on the fundamental elements of ‘True or Public Cloud’: real-time, agility, cost-effectiveness, mobility and flexibility.”

Who are your typical clients?

“ipSCAPE’s typical clients are innovative MNC and Corporate businesses that strive for customer service excellence and look to innovative cloud technologies to drive competitive advantage. ipSCAPE has grown a strong international client base across financial services, retail, outsourcers and communications. These are all sectors that want to deliver top-class customer service and have an appetite to embrace the advantages cloud computing delivers in terms of flexibility, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Current customers include AAPT, NBN Co, Teleperformance, New Zealand Post, ACCA and Lend Lease.”

What does the company’s roadmap look like over the next two years?

“International expansion, particularly in the UK and Asia, is now happening fast. Private capital fundraising in addition to $850k of funding recently awarded by Commercialisation Australia is helping fuel this growth. An important part of the growth strategy lies in alliances with telecommunications providers that resell ipSCAPE’s True Cloud contact centre offering as part of an end-to-end SaaS solution. We already have alliance partners signed in the UK, Australia and Asia and you can expect to hear more from us on this front in the next 6 months”