Case Study

Powering the member experiences of Superannuation Funds

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1. The Business

The client is a superannuation fund that services contractors and their employees in the electrical industry including cablers, electrical communications and technicians. 

The business had outsourced their member services team and wanted to now bring this in-house to foster stronger relationships with their members. They required cloud contact centre software that had the features they needed to delight their members while also improving and measuring customer satisfaction.  

2. The Challenge

The client was looking for a feature-rich Cloud Contact Centre platform to provide them with the tools to improve the member experience, manage high volumes of calls and collect customer feedback.  

Insourcing their customer support operations was initially challenging for this business as they didn’t have experience in building and operating a customer service team. Therefore, they not only required the technology, but also a partner to help them implement contact centre best practices.  

 Another requirement was a customer experience solution that could help measure and track member experience. Customer experience is a core value to this client, and they wanted a solution that could also help them understand important customer metrics such as CSAT.  

 To cater for member communication preferences a multi-channel solution was required to expand their support across different channels including Voice, Web Chat and SMS.   

3. The Solution

ipSCAPE was selected to provide the client with a multi-channel communication solution that could help manage and improve member communications and measure important customer satisfaction metrics such as CSAT. ipSCAPE provided training for their newly established team, guiding them through implementation and go-live. 

Priding themselves on their personalised service to members, the client wanted to measure customer satisfaction to ensure the highest levels of services are maintained.  

ipSCAPE’s post-call survey solution was built into call workflows to gather customer satisfaction metrics. This data proved invaluable as they were able to understand customer experiences more deeply and the results solidified their decision to insource their customer service as the feedback exceeded all expectations.  

At the start of COVID-19, the client experienced a 200% increase in calls due to their members enquiring about government concessions enabling early access to superannuation. ipSCAPE was able to scale with this increase in call volumes while the IVR effectively routed calls to the right agents. 

Furthermore, as a result of the sudden lockdowns due to Covid-19, their employees were forced to work from home.  As ipSCAPE is a true cloud solution, the transition was seamless for their service team who needed just a laptop and a headset to continue serving members. 

As the business placed significant importance on improving the member experience, the business implemented ‘Maintain Position in Queue’. During peaks where members would experience long wait times, they are able to instead enter their phone number and they would receive a call back when they reached the ‘front of the queue’  

Most recently, this client wanted to broaden their use of additional digital channels for support. They implemented Web Chat to support members who visit their website. They use web chat to provide members with links to useful resources and provide guidance as they navigate through the website.  

ipSCAPE provides the technology and the contact centre expertise that enables our clients to continuously optimise their operations.  As Contact Centre experts, ipSCAPE helps review workflows, recommend improvements, and conducts workshops to help identify future growth areas. 

4. The Benefits

ipSCAPE has helped this client to:  

  • Measure & track Customer Satisfaction: ipSCAPE’s post-call survey feature has provided the client with a deeper understanding of the member experience.  
  • Support customers through the website: The client was able to answer questions, provide resources and guide members through the website. 
  • Effectively manage call volumes: This client was able to manage 200% more than their usual call volumes through ipSCAPE’s IVR. 
  • Improve member experience: Using the MPIQ workflow object, members can choose to receive a call back when they reach the front of the queue, without having to wait on hold.  


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