Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: Marketing

Posted: 28 August 2019

Positioning your product correctly makes the difference to the success of a marketing plan. Alison Lee, Head of Marketing at ipSCAPE talks about the importance of this.   

It is important to get the positioning of your product right in market, especially if the way you are used by customers evolves.

ipSCAPE was initially built to power contact centres to help them support customers through the phone and that’s how we spoke about the product – as a contact centre solution. It has become apparent that our customers are using ipSCAPE beyond the contact centre. We have seen Sales Team, Recruiters, Accounts Receivable and even IT Help Desks use ipSCAPE to engage with customers through Voice, Web Chat, Email and SMS

Therefore, we have refined our positioning to ensure we speak more broadly, and not just focus on contact centres in our marketing efforts.

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