Dynamic Business – Let’s talk: New tech

Posted: 23 October 2019

Every business, and every person for that matter, uses technology in some way on a daily basis. Simon Daniels, Sales Director at ipSCAPE discusses the process ipSCAPE uses to implement new technology for businesses.    

ipSCAPE helps numerous businesses embrace new technology as they move from an on-premise solution to a cloud contact centre solution. It is increasingly apparent, that technology ecosystems in organisations are becoming more tightly integrated, and as a result, the very thought of implementing new tech components carries enormous risks.

Many organisations defer significant change precisely because of these perceived business risks.

Navigating this space successfully comes down to two factors: People & Process. A CIO may conduct a business transformation project a few times in their careers, whereas organisations like ipSCAPE – do this all day, every day. We understand the risks, and assist business leaders to avoid both the obvious and unseen traps. We do this with a rigorous process tempered by years of experience and hundreds of implementations. Organisations that actively communicate and collaborate throughout the process are the ones with the smoothest path and achieve the best outcomes for the business.

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