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AI customer journeys can be easily created using ipSCAPE’s contact centre solution to automate communications and improve agent productivity.

Discover what you can implement today to elevate your customer experiences.

    AI call summary saved in Salesforce

    Reduce administration with AI Summarisation

    Harness the power of generative AI with ipSCAPE AI Summarisation. Reduce administration so your team can focus on more important tasks.

    Sales teams can spend more time selling, and service teams have a fast, accurate summary to refer to for future interactions.

    Conversations are automatically transcribed and summarised into your CRM including:

    • Salesforce
    • ServiceNow

    Access details on past conversations and know your CRM is always up to date. A call recording sound file will also be accessible for compliance management.

    Manage Operational Risk with AI Speech Analytics

    ipSCAPE provides Speech Analytics solutions with pre-built AI listener models to surface insights and highlight vulnerabilities in your operations.

    Financial Services organisations can mitigate risk and improve their compliance posture through AI models specifically trained to monitor for ‘expressions of dissatisfaction’ including hardship, stress, anger, and vulnerability.

    AI models include:

    • Behaviour Listeners – Score and / or Predict target customer or agent behaviours within a conversation using advanced AI machine learning techniques
    • Script Adherence  – Measure, score & audit mandatory or general compliance requirements within a conversation
    • Emotion AI – Biometric measure of client or agent emotions during a conversation
    • NLP Measures  – Summarisation, topic analysis & categorisation
      Detect agent stress and engagement levels with ipSCAPE's advanced speech analytics tool
      Example summarised texts showing post-call feedback transcribed and summarised by AI

      Automate the collection of customer feedback with AdVOCate

      Easily collect and manage customer feedback at scale with AdVOCate, an AI-driven VOC solution. After a post-call survey, the customer can leave a voice message with feedback about their experience. ipSCAPE uses cutting-edge AI to capture and transcribe the voice of your customers with call data stored securely with the call recording in ipSCAPE Vault. You are then able to search for specific words or phrases such as “satisfied” or “unhappy” to surface important interactions that present opportunities to improve the customer experience.

      Leverage Neural Voices for Automated Messages and Brand consistency

      ipSCAPE has a range of multi-language Virtual Agents that can be easily integrated into IVR workflows. Powered by Azure Cognitive Services, with over 150+ Neural voices to choose from, brands can create a consistent experience. Organisations can even customise their own synthetic voice that is unique to their brand.

        List of AI neural voices in the ipSCAPE application

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