Unlock conversational AI with Speech Analytics 

For compliance and performance optimisation 

Speech analytics rainbow coloured voice wave containing most frequently used words

Elevate your compliance to new heights  

Analyse 100% of all calls to identify and measure customer and employee performance. ipSCAPE leverages cutting edge AI to surface compliance gaps, caller sentiment and business optimisation opportunities. 

ipSCAPE captures and transcribes all calls transforming them with data visualisation tools to gain deep insight into your customer interactions. 

Predictive insights to boost agent productivity –

Optimise sales, Reduce costs and Prioritise High-value interactions  

Imagine if you could pinpoint the exact moment you turned a prospect into a customer. 

Speech Analytics can help you discover the performing and underperforming customer communication areas to deliver the most effective scripted material. Create better outcomes by identifying and replicating your most successful conversations.

AI driven decisions

Advanced Insights into Customer Needs 

  • Behaviour Listeners – Score and / or Predict target customer or agent behaviours within a conversation using advanced AI machine learning techniques
  • Script Adherence  – Measure, score & audit mandatory or general compliance requirements within a conversation
  • Emotion AI – biometric measure of client or agent emotions during a conversation
  • NLP Measures  – summarisation, topic analysis & categorisation

ISO certified

ipSCAPE’s speech analytics solution is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that our customers have confidence in our information security protocols.

Data Paralysis? Get Sentiment Analysis

Uncover AI-derived actionable insights from customer and agent sentiment 

Visualise and monitor key metrics through word clouds and graphs to understand the health and productivity of your contact centre. 

Create an environment of continuous improvement through dashboards highlighting customer sentiment for early detection of potential problems. 

Speech analytics word cloud report showing the most commonly used words in a call

Reduce QA time by 90%


Achieve 100% call quality monitoring

ipSCAPE’s Speech Analytics solution allows you to:

Enhance contact centre performance

Derive insights to reduce agent handle time, and repeat calls

Discover customer insights

Gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, and marketing campaigns 

Reduce churn

Discover the root causes and predict at-risk customers through your contact centre recordings 

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